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October 18-27 2021 Contest Winners
October 7-17 2021 Contest Winners

The next contest is between October 28 and November 7, 2021. The total prize pool of this contest is 5000 Bonus Permanent Coins, and it is divided among the top 10 winners in this way:

  • Rank 1: 1000 coins
  • Rank 2-3: 750 coins each
  • Rank 4-6: 500 coins each
  • Rank 7-10: 250 coins each

The next real-reward contest will be announced soon, so stay tuned! Gain as many permanent coins as possible from our normal contest, which may help you rank higher during the real-reward contests.

Contest rules applicable to all contests:


  • A contest starts at 00:00 UTC time of the date given and ends at 24:00 UTC time of the date given.
  • The contest calculates the coins won from prediction wins.
  • Rewards for winning a contest will be different for every contest.
  • We will send an email from our email address “” with the details of the reward to the user who is eligible for a reward. 
  • All the users winning digital rewards like Steam gift cards or Amazon gift cards will be rewarded within 7 days after submitting their receiving details and confirming to our email.
  • All the users winning products like keyboards/headsets etc must confirm their consent to get their prize delivered at their address. Winners have the permission to deny this and instead of a product, we would grant permanent bonus coins that can be used further in predictions. If winners agree, then they must provide a shipping address where the product can be delivered.
  • The winners must respond to the email within 15 days of receiving our email.
  • If the winner fails to respond to the email within 15 days, the reward will be converted and adjusted to bonus permanent coins depending on the prize won. 5 coins will be granted for every $1 prize won, which is equal to 500 coins for winning a $100 prize.
  • Winners receiving the product at their address must wait for a maximum of 30 days after confirming their delivery address with us.
  • Note: The contests and rewards are managed solely by o2ESTNN, the developing company of this app – EsportsGo. Apple is not liable or a sponsor for any contest or rewards.

All players with a valid email are automatically entered. Place in the top 10 to win. You will be contacted after the contest is over to claim your prize.